The Council's Committee Structure Policy can be downloaded here.

Buildings and Grounds Committee:

Members: Cllrs E Chapman, S Hughes, A Mackinnon, V Perry, P Richmond, A Robinson (Vice-Chair), R Stayt (Chair), A Walker, J Wyatt

Meets on the third Thursday each month except August

Community Committee:

Members: Cllrs P Badham, E. Chapman, D Foulger, S Hughes, V Perry (Chair), A. Walker (Vice-Chair),  J Wyatt 

Meets on the second Thursday each month except August

Finance Committee:

Members: Cllrs W Hopkins, O Kent, D Lewis, A Mackinnon, P Richmond, A Robinson, R Stayt, 

Meets quarterly: July, October, January, April  

Personnel Committee:

Members: Cllrs W Hopkins, D Lewis, A Mackinnon, P Richmond, A Robinson , R Stayt, J Wyatt 

Meets quarterly on the fourth Thursday: June, September, March and the second Thursday of December and then as required

Planning, Highways & Environment Committee:

Members: Cllrs D Foulger, W Hopkins, S Hughes, O Kent, D Lewis, T Mackinnon (Vice-Chair), P Richmond (Chair), A Robinson, 

Meets on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month

The following Councillors are also elected representatives of the Parish Council to the organisations listed:

Police Community Engagement Group: Cllr D Foulger

Cleeve Conservators: Cllrs S Hughes, A Robinson, R Stayt 

Transition Cleeve: Cllr V Perry

Grundon & Cory Forum:  Cllr V Perry

Rooftop Housing: Cllr S Hughes

Wingmoor Forum: Cllrs T Mackinnon, P Richmond

Chartered Parishes: Cllr P Richmond

Tithe Barn: Cllr A Walker