Parish Councillors are elected on a 4-year cycle, and as necessary if a vacancy arises, at which stage Tewkesbury Borough Council will organise legal notices. If less than 10 electors call for an election then the Parish Council will invite applicants for co-option.

To become a Parish Councillor you must be aged 18 or over, a British subject or citizen of the Irish Republic, and either a local government elector of the Parish or a person who has (a) during the whole of the twelve months before nomination as a candidate, occupied land or other premises as owner or tenant in the Parish; or (b) during the same period, has resided in that area or within three miles thereof; or (c) during the same period has had his principal or only place of work in that area.

Additional criteria adopted by Bishop's Cleeve Parish Council are that you must have experience of, or aspirations to work in a voluntary capacity; be able to demonstrate a wish to take an active role in the Community; be able to attend weekly meetings, normally on a Thursday evening between 7pm and 10pm; and be willing to participate in the work of the Council by serving on one or more of its committees. 

 Bishop's Cleeve Parish Councillors

Cleeve Grange Ward 
Cllr Rob Aldridge 
Cllr Wendy Hopkins 
Cllr Valerie Perry
Cleeve St Michael's Ward 
Cllr Peter Badham
Cllr Liz Chapman
Cllr Sylvia Hughes 
Cllr David Lewis 
 Cllr Alan Robinson
 Cleeve West Ward
Cllr David Foulger
 Cllr Tony Mackinnon 
Cllr Peter Richmond 
 Cllr Andy Walker


Bishop's Cleeve is represented on Tewkesbury Borough Council by:
Borough Cllr Rob Bird

Borough Cllr Bob East

Borough Cllr Helen Munro

Borough Cllr Andrew Reece

Borough Cllr Richard Stanley

Bishop's Cleeve is represented on Gloucestershire County Council by:
County Cllr Rob Bird